Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Luke is now officially walking!! YUP! Not even a year yet and he's on the go. He started walking about a month ago but I finally got it on video a couple weeks ago and am finally getting it on the computer. He also got his first haircut this past weekend. I was getting too many comments about what a beautiful little girl he was and that Jake and Tyee are such good big brothers too their little sister.... UMMMM HELLO?? He's wearing BLUE BLUE BLUE!!! He looks like a toddler now.... so sad, my baby is growing up too fast! He's also drinking whole milk now, which is sorta the first time he's really gotten a bottle. Yay for me, I've exclusively breastfed 2 babies now! But I am so ready to wean him... he's so much on the go.. even when he's nursing! Ok in reality I won't wean him yet.


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Erin said...

he he, your house sounds like mine! I can't believe how much older he looks with his hair cut!