Thursday, March 26, 2009

She's an acrobat

I had an appointment with my midwife last Friday and she mentioned the baby was head down but a tad off to the side and recommended a maternity belt. So Sat. I was cleaning on hands and knees all day to try to get her to center herself, then off to buy the maternity belt. Used it all day Sunday and Monday and had another appointment on Tuesday with my backup midwife (I'm planning a homebirth). As she was feeling my belly she said she wanted to do a quick ultrasound because the baby felt head up. So as soon as she put the wand on my belly there it was head up! Sheesh!! Figures it had to be something with the mw that oks the homebirth! So we scheduled a version. As much as I wanted to wait because I knew she would flip, I also didn't want to upset the back up dr and mw because well... it's hard for homebirth midwives to get a back up dr. That night Jason gave me a blessing of comfort and I feel confident that she will get into position and stay and have a healthy labor and delivery. So that night and the next day I did breech tilts and thought I bet she turned when I was wearing the belt, and put the belt on upside down lol! Then the next night went to see my other midwife and she was feeling my belly saying she really thought the baby was head down and couldn't tell so we ran down to her office to do a quick ultrasound and yup she was head down!!! YAY no version!!! I was sooo relieved! I would have done it so I wouldn't have to worry about a breech birth and I know the back up dr would have delivered a breech baby especially since this is my 4th but I really wanted a homebirth and everything as natural as possible. So everything is back to normal again and she better stay put!! Of course I'm worried she's going to flip again and I won't notice it. I'm sure it will all work out whatever happens, I have faith.

So other than that everything has been going great! This pregnancy has been great! No discomfort like with the boys. It's been amazing! My prayers have been answered! Now we just need to finish preparing for the homebirth!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dream house

So our dream house I mentioned in my last post has some major issues so that would be why they were asking so little. They still have an underground oil tank that apparently was leaking and leaked oil in the yard and the wetlands behind the house.... not something we want to mess with nor would we have the money to mess with. But since we still have not sold our house it's not a big deal anyway lol.

So lets see what's new here, Jake is doing terrific in school!! He comes home everyday with a mini book that he can read. Well I was thinking he was just memorizing what his teacher had read to the class probably several times. We were at his dr's appointment and I had him read 3 books just to see what he knew (we read books at home, but it's usually Jason or I reading them, we never think to ask him to read lol) He did awesome!! There were just very few words that were too big for him to get but I was in complete shock how much he really did know!! Then I started to realize, he's really growing up!! Yeah I know he just turned 6 but wow, my little boy is becoming a big boy! His teacher says he is wonderful in class and works soooo well independantly, she says he is one that gets the math so quick (must get it from daddy lol) she could have a classroom full of Jakes! He just finished Basketball which he really enjoyed! He will be starting T-ball in April which he can not wait! He is also getting super excited about a baby sister! It's cute to see how he notices all the babies around and comments on their silly face or how cute they are. and is always interested in how big she is.

Tyee is doing great in preschool. He really enjoys going but surprisingly he is really shy. Tyee is not the shy one, I always thought it would be Jake but they both have proven me wrong! What do I know?? I'm just the mommy! lol Technically he could start kindergarten next year but he has a really late Sept bday... 9/27 and the cut off date is 10/1. So I really think I'm going to keep him in prek another year, if we can afford it. As of right now we can't so I will probably be homeschooling him till kindergarten (wish me luck!) He does really well with recognizing numbers and letters and we have officially memorized our phone #! He is an amazing artist for his age! Even Jake will comment how well Tyee colors and draws. As many pictures that he colors and draws it's soooo hard to pick the best ones to keep!! He is soooo excited to be getting a baby sister. He talks about her alll the time, he is always kissing my belly and joking that he's smacking her butt (we talked about how the baby is poisitioned in my belly so he knows where her little tooshie is and likes to pat it... not actually smack it ;) He also is so much fun watching him notice babies and talk about how cute they are. Mostly his cousin Sami and Luke.

Luke is just getting so big!! He is my biggest guy so far! We call him our little monster. He's been obsessed with Little Einstiens and that's all he wants to watch... allllll the time!! I've tried limiting it but he is one stubborn little man! And boy can he throw a tantrum lol. Not used these kind of tantrums, Jake and Tyee never did these type if hardly at all. but I think we've figured out what works if we have the timing right. As long as he's not hurting himself or anyone else we let him lay down and cry and sometimes he even kicks his legs. Then he's over it and forgets why he was even upset and gets up and starts laughing! He's really going through a fun stage, a very tough one when we have to go out but at home or at the park or somewhere that's ok for him to run around, it's been fun! He enjoys patting my belly and saying baby and sometimes even lays his head on my belly, too cute! At my last midwife appointment he actually had to get up on the bed while my mw checked for the baby's heartbeat. He just HAD to be included and tell the mw there was a baby in there. So much fun!!!

Jason's been doing great! Keeping busy with work and part time job with Gerd and with church. He tries to spend as much time as he can at home with us and when he does the boys LOVE IT!!!

Me, I'm just big, fat and pregnant lol. She gets the hiccups ALOT! Just like Jake did. She's also a roller just like Jake was, Tyee and Luke were more of kickers and stretchers. I can't believe I'm 33 wks almost 34. That's 6 wks left!! And if I follow pattern and I'm a wk early like with the boys that's only 5 wks!! Wow it's going really fast! We actually have nothing ready. Some ladies from church did throw me a shower and I got lots of cute clothes and a tandum stroller! My sisters got me a swing and LOTS of clothes and toys and onsies! Overall we really made out great!! So I guess our big projects are making room for her clothes and figuring out where she's going to sleep (ok so chances are it'll be our bed lol). It kinda stinks that we can't decorate a room for her, or even a space for her. Maybe some day. I don't think it will really feel like we're having a girl till she's actually here lol. (And if you've only had more than 1 or 2 of the same gender, you'd understand what I mean. I don't think anyone with the first ones being both genders can completely understand)

So I guess that's about it for us lately. We're all excited about a girl joining our family, the boys doing so well in school, Luke getting so big and things actually going smoothly for us considering how the economy is so horrible and adding one more child to an already small house lol. We're keeping our heads high and we know things will work out.... eventually but will work out.