Thursday, June 19, 2008

I hate it!!!

So I went to the lake with a few ladies and a few others showed up as well. We were sitting there talking about kids (obviously we all have kids). They all had both girls and boys except for me, with all boys and my friend with 2 girls. So someone makes a comment how the teen yrs for me will be soooo easy!! Why is that I ask, they say, "cuz with girls you have to make sure they don't do this or that and with boys... well.... let's just say boys will be boys!!" They laughed,... I didn't. Those kind of remarks bug me! And why? because of thinking like that will make it even harder for me to raise my boys with morals!! I turned around and said, "I don't know about that, my boys will be the ones respecting YOUR daughters and in this world, I've got my work cut out for myself".... with thinking like that! ARRRRRRRR!!!

Ok just had to get that off my chest ;)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Land of Make Believe

Jake had a field trip for preschool to The Land of Make Believe. Which has small rides for kids and a waterpark thats loads of fun. It was too cold for the waterpark but they sure enjoyed the rides. Luke got his first taste of Cotten Candy and of course I didn't get pictures but the face he made was priceless. He loved it! The little girl that is on the rides with Jake and Tyee is a girl in Jake's class, she says Jake is her boyfriend... Tyee says she is his girlfriend.... nuttin wrong with keeping it in family, is there LOL!! JK!!

Just some pictures

I Just wanted to add some pics of the kids, I finally got a chance to download some.

Luke and Tyee snuggling, too cute.
Luke with a bottle
They looked so cute sitting next to each other watching tv together
I have no idea what's up with those faces lol
I sooo need one of these for time outs!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Luke is now officially walking!! YUP! Not even a year yet and he's on the go. He started walking about a month ago but I finally got it on video a couple weeks ago and am finally getting it on the computer. He also got his first haircut this past weekend. I was getting too many comments about what a beautiful little girl he was and that Jake and Tyee are such good big brothers too their little sister.... UMMMM HELLO?? He's wearing BLUE BLUE BLUE!!! He looks like a toddler now.... so sad, my baby is growing up too fast! He's also drinking whole milk now, which is sorta the first time he's really gotten a bottle. Yay for me, I've exclusively breastfed 2 babies now! But I am so ready to wean him... he's so much on the go.. even when he's nursing! Ok in reality I won't wean him yet.