Friday, June 6, 2008

Land of Make Believe

Jake had a field trip for preschool to The Land of Make Believe. Which has small rides for kids and a waterpark thats loads of fun. It was too cold for the waterpark but they sure enjoyed the rides. Luke got his first taste of Cotten Candy and of course I didn't get pictures but the face he made was priceless. He loved it! The little girl that is on the rides with Jake and Tyee is a girl in Jake's class, she says Jake is her boyfriend... Tyee says she is his girlfriend.... nuttin wrong with keeping it in family, is there LOL!! JK!!

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BENOIT said...

Hey Melissa...this is Megan Benoit.(Staral) I was looking on the family list for a number & noticed your blog. I would love to be part of your blogging world & see what your family is up to. I hope you don't mind. Does any other family member blog?
Your boys are so so cute & I can't believe that you have THREE. Crazy how time flies. I also have a blog but it is private so I will send you an invite...hope to hear from you...Megan