Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm not very good with keeping this up to date! I'm always on facebook and that seems to be my update lol. Things are going well. We still haven't sold the house and seriously considering an addition. We're keeping the house up till March and in the meantime looking into what we need for the addition. I wanted to avoid this stress but I guess Heavenly Father has other plans for us. We love the area so I guess it will be worth it. I hope it will be anyway!

Jake and Tyee are loving school and they are doing awesome!! Both teachers say they are above average and Tyee's teacher was surprised I thought about holding him back because of his late birthday, she said he is so ready and ahead of the game! I'm so glad we decided to send him to kindergarten! Now if we can just get him to behave on the bus! He's had 3 strikes now and is separated from the boy he was sitting with and getting into trouble with so... so far he's been behaving. The last issue was him and the boy scratching each other's face... FOR FUN! Thing is I can totally see Tyee doing this and thinking, "what did we do wrong? We were just having fun!" Silly boy! He does know now that its behavior that will not be tolerated.

Luke is getting so big! He's been such a fun toddler! He adores Piper to pieces! He can not get enough of her! He gets a boo boo and it's a kiss from Piper is what he wants. It's precious!!

Piper is getting so big too! At her 6 month check up she was 17lb 8oz. Funny thing is she's actually my smallest! lol. I make good milk! She's been such a good baby! I have been so blessed! (I admit I'm gearing up for her toddler years though!)

So that's about it! Busy with school and everyday life!