Friday, April 17, 2009

She's here!!

She was born last night on April 16th, at 9:09pm. She weighed 7lb 2 oz (we think) the midwife says she usually takes 1/2 lb off, not sure why but that would make her 6lb 10oz. I personally think she's closer to 7lb. Anyway it was an awesome homebirth!! Jason caught her, she was still in the bag, it broke as her body was coming out and Jake cut the cord, YES JAKE!! He's such a trooper! He was super excited about it. The boys were amazing during the birth! And they keep saying how cute their little sister is! Now for a name... Well her middle name is Jo Hanna, I'll get back to you when we figure out her first name!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Am I really 39 wks?!?

So I guess it depends on what due date you go by, I could be 39wks 1dy, or 39wks or almost 39 wks lol. Anyway, I don't have much further!!! I can't believe it!! It's kinda bitter sweet, I can't wait to meet this little person that's been giving me such stress yet been so gentle on me this pregnancy and this is my last pregnancy, I know I'm going to miss her moving around inside my belly. I feel so much better tonight after talking to my midwife. the baby has been kinda floating around some and I just get nervous that she's not going to get into position correctly and just make labor so much harder. The boys were in position and no worries about them moving out at 18 wks and I knew things were moving along even at 36 wks. So this little one has sorta thrown me for a few loops. I almost thought we were going to have an Easter baby. I started getting cramps on Friday night that lasted all day Sat. with mild contractions then Sunday they were becoming more intense and consistent. At one point they were 3 mins apart and 1 min long! I had contacted my midwife to let her know and sure enough they started spacing out and becoming mild. Still was dealing with it all day on Monday and then Tuesday they pretty much stopped. So my midwife told me I could come in tonight (wed) and she would check me and see the baby's position. And YAY she's exactly where she needs to be, 50% effaced, 2 1/2cm maybe almost 3, and -2 station. Can't tell you how relieved I was to know she was in position. I've been stressing so much about that! I don't care if I go to 40 wks I just wanted to be sure she was ready. My midwife told me she does not think she will be moving out of the pelvis and that was what I was worried about. Ahhh the stress is gone. Now I'm crampy and having contractions again. I don't think it will be too much longer but who knows! she fooled me on Sunday!

Oh and I've been losing weight. so far this pregnancy I've only gained 16lbs! Well it was up to 20 then apparently I lost a few. Not sure how that happened but I actually weigh less now than I did at the end of Luke's pregnancy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

38 weeks tomorrow!!

Wow I'll be 38 wks tomorrow! That's only 2 weeks till I'm 40 wks! I can't believe it!! I went early with all the boys, Jake 6 dys early, Tyee 7 dys early and Luke 8 dys early. So if I follow pattern I could be holding my little girl next Sunday! I personally think her actual due date is closer to April 25-26 not the 21st, but what's a few days anyway lol. I think we're all prepared. Since I don't have a room to set up or a crib all we've really had to do is wash clothes and put them in the dresser. We've done that, although haven't taken tags off the new clothes just washed the hand-me-downs we got from Tina and my sister-in-law Heather.... just in case she is actually a HE! Although I'm really feeling like it is a girl and have for quite some time so I'm sure she is ;) I've done alot of cooking and preparing for meals for after the baby is born. I think I just about bankrupt us just getting food prepared for afterwards lol. But I seriously won't have to cook for WEEKS! And any shopping from now on out is basically for milk and bread and produce so I'm feeling VERY prepared in that department. I have 4 trays of baked ziti, 2 big trays of lazana, chopped chicken ready for different meals, ground turkey with onions precooked and frozen for different meals, enchilada pie filling, mexican cornbread filling, .... I think that's it. But Tina has already stocked us up with lots of frozen veggies and little pizzas and such and Teresa and Mercedes want to make a few meals for us to freeze as well. Then not to mention the couple of people from church that most likely will be making us dinner ... I definitly won't be doing real cooking for weeks!!! At least!! Good thing we have a huge freezer!

So Jason and I found a big house, new construction, not finished but livable, that went under forecloser that we think we can almost afford. I told Jason if we were able to get this house it would be a lifetime of finishing it and furnishing it lol. It's a 5 bedrm, 2 1/2 bath, full basement, 3 car garage, office, wrap around porch, more rooms on the first level that we have no idea what we could do with them! It really is sad to see this beautiful home that the previous owners were not able to finish. I'm sure it won't stay on the market for long, if we had our house sold we'd definitly put a bid on the house and work our butts off finishing the house. We did have an open house on Sat. and there was a couple that came through and they said they did like the house, but no offers yet. We are also waiting on a single mother with 2 children to take a look at our house when she comes to visit from Fl. Of course she's coming when the baby is due so I'm kinda hoping she makes her arrival before the lady comes.

That's really all that's been going on lately. Of course besides the normal everyday stuff with the boys and school and Jake starting T-ball. They are getting more and more excited about their sister coming. They will actually be attending the birth (they have for each birth) Jake is looking forward to cutting the cord. He's such a trooper. We've talked alot about birth and some of the amazing things and some of the gross things so I think he's prepared, he remembers Luke's birth so I know he'll be great. Tyee is the type that is pretty good about it all. We watched some births on YouTube, decent ones, and they really were amazed and thought it was so neat and I think helped them tons to look more forward to seeing their sister be born. (don't worry I'm a very quiet woman in labor so there's no screaming and yelling, I might say it hurts but the boys are also aware that it will hurt mommy but it will be ok) I'm so proud of them! I think it goes to show that children can handle more than we think they can, they are strong people, we just don't give them enough credit. So that's about it! I think I'm ready for this little one but then again, are we ever truely ready!! LOL