Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Am I really 39 wks?!?

So I guess it depends on what due date you go by, I could be 39wks 1dy, or 39wks or almost 39 wks lol. Anyway, I don't have much further!!! I can't believe it!! It's kinda bitter sweet, I can't wait to meet this little person that's been giving me such stress yet been so gentle on me this pregnancy and this is my last pregnancy, I know I'm going to miss her moving around inside my belly. I feel so much better tonight after talking to my midwife. the baby has been kinda floating around some and I just get nervous that she's not going to get into position correctly and just make labor so much harder. The boys were in position and no worries about them moving out at 18 wks and I knew things were moving along even at 36 wks. So this little one has sorta thrown me for a few loops. I almost thought we were going to have an Easter baby. I started getting cramps on Friday night that lasted all day Sat. with mild contractions then Sunday they were becoming more intense and consistent. At one point they were 3 mins apart and 1 min long! I had contacted my midwife to let her know and sure enough they started spacing out and becoming mild. Still was dealing with it all day on Monday and then Tuesday they pretty much stopped. So my midwife told me I could come in tonight (wed) and she would check me and see the baby's position. And YAY she's exactly where she needs to be, 50% effaced, 2 1/2cm maybe almost 3, and -2 station. Can't tell you how relieved I was to know she was in position. I've been stressing so much about that! I don't care if I go to 40 wks I just wanted to be sure she was ready. My midwife told me she does not think she will be moving out of the pelvis and that was what I was worried about. Ahhh the stress is gone. Now I'm crampy and having contractions again. I don't think it will be too much longer but who knows! she fooled me on Sunday!

Oh and I've been losing weight. so far this pregnancy I've only gained 16lbs! Well it was up to 20 then apparently I lost a few. Not sure how that happened but I actually weigh less now than I did at the end of Luke's pregnancy!


Melanie said...

YAY!! Almost there! I can't wait to see pictures of her!

Tessie said...

16 PDS! 16 pds! I gained that in my first 4 months, this is so unfair!

Glad to hear things are progressing. Start walking, lots of walking will get them going and keep them going. Good luck! Can't wait to meet her!