Thursday, June 19, 2008

I hate it!!!

So I went to the lake with a few ladies and a few others showed up as well. We were sitting there talking about kids (obviously we all have kids). They all had both girls and boys except for me, with all boys and my friend with 2 girls. So someone makes a comment how the teen yrs for me will be soooo easy!! Why is that I ask, they say, "cuz with girls you have to make sure they don't do this or that and with boys... well.... let's just say boys will be boys!!" They laughed,... I didn't. Those kind of remarks bug me! And why? because of thinking like that will make it even harder for me to raise my boys with morals!! I turned around and said, "I don't know about that, my boys will be the ones respecting YOUR daughters and in this world, I've got my work cut out for myself".... with thinking like that! ARRRRRRRR!!!

Ok just had to get that off my chest ;)


Erin said...

That bugs me too! It may be easier in refrence to attitudes, but heck, we've got our work cut out, because isn't it the boy who always breaks the girls heart when they break up? Or is the Jerk for not doing this or that. So I think in that respect we're gonna have a heck of a time! Easy... yeah whateva! lol

Tessie said...

That was an awesome come back. Way to go!

If only more mothers of boys spent a little more effort in teaching them morals, we would have less of a struggle with our girls.

Melanie said...

Uhhhhgggg That is problemsome... I mean so just because I have a boy he will be allowed to 'do' more because according to them well boys will be boys?? Don't we all try to teach our children good morals no matter what their gender??

Mel said...

Oh and just recently found out, of all of us at the lake that day, it was only ONE lady who had a boy and girl and she didn't say anything.... it was the ladies with only girls saying this. And now they are at the bus stop and boy she has no problem STILL telling me how easy I have it! She's never had 3 young boys...PERIOD!