Thursday, March 26, 2009

She's an acrobat

I had an appointment with my midwife last Friday and she mentioned the baby was head down but a tad off to the side and recommended a maternity belt. So Sat. I was cleaning on hands and knees all day to try to get her to center herself, then off to buy the maternity belt. Used it all day Sunday and Monday and had another appointment on Tuesday with my backup midwife (I'm planning a homebirth). As she was feeling my belly she said she wanted to do a quick ultrasound because the baby felt head up. So as soon as she put the wand on my belly there it was head up! Sheesh!! Figures it had to be something with the mw that oks the homebirth! So we scheduled a version. As much as I wanted to wait because I knew she would flip, I also didn't want to upset the back up dr and mw because well... it's hard for homebirth midwives to get a back up dr. That night Jason gave me a blessing of comfort and I feel confident that she will get into position and stay and have a healthy labor and delivery. So that night and the next day I did breech tilts and thought I bet she turned when I was wearing the belt, and put the belt on upside down lol! Then the next night went to see my other midwife and she was feeling my belly saying she really thought the baby was head down and couldn't tell so we ran down to her office to do a quick ultrasound and yup she was head down!!! YAY no version!!! I was sooo relieved! I would have done it so I wouldn't have to worry about a breech birth and I know the back up dr would have delivered a breech baby especially since this is my 4th but I really wanted a homebirth and everything as natural as possible. So everything is back to normal again and she better stay put!! Of course I'm worried she's going to flip again and I won't notice it. I'm sure it will all work out whatever happens, I have faith.

So other than that everything has been going great! This pregnancy has been great! No discomfort like with the boys. It's been amazing! My prayers have been answered! Now we just need to finish preparing for the homebirth!!


Erin said...

Whew! I'll be praying that she stays how she needs to be! You'll have to let me know how everything goes with this one. I've loved reading your birth stories =)

Tessie said...

What a relief! You are my hero, a homebirth, I can't imagine. I am looking forward to all the drugs I can get and I am happy that I will get a day or two to lay in bed before I have to jump into a whole new life.