Sunday, August 9, 2009

Has it been that long???

So we've had a busy summer, doing what? Not sure really just keeping busy doing fun stuff. Going to the park, to the shore, playing outside. It seems everyone is enjoying their summer! Jason had off this week for vacation and the kids really have enjoyed daddy being home. We ended up not doing all the fun things we had planned but we did go to the shore and go to Crystal Cave (still haven't downloaded those pics) Jake and Tyee ran right into the ocean! They love the shore! Luke on the other hand ... it took him till the end of the second trip to actually get in and not cry. His cousin Katelynn brought him in and got him to fall in love with the water! Funny thing is he LOVES the water, but I think the waves were intimidating... Don't blame him!!
So we have decided to send Tyee to kindergarten this year. We do feel he is ready. He has a late birthday but just makes the cut off date and we thought because he was so young starting, that maybe he needed more time to grow, but after much thought we decided he is ready and holding him back would hold him back in learning. He is eager to learn and has been learning quickly! He's nervous but getting excited! I can't believe I will have 2 in full day school! It's going to be quiet around my house this year! Though I am looking forward to some time with just Luke and Piper. We're going to work on getting into a routine. I'm not much of a scheduler so hopefully we get into one once the older boys are in school. Luke will be attending story time at the library, I'm sure he will enjoy that! Jake and Tyee will be doing soccer this fall, Tyee is more excited about it than Jake, but I know it will grow on Jake. When Jake did it in prek, he had an awful coach so I think that really made an impact on him. Hopefully this year he'll get someone that lets the kids be kids and enjoy practice and games. Piper is growing so fast! She still wakes up once a night but nurses right back to sleep. She's a great napper during the day as well. We've thought about getting her into the crib as Luke has decided he's a big boy now and sleeps in the bottom bunk of the boys beds. But it's just so much easier to have Piper in our room! Why mess something up that works great!
As for our house it's still up on the market. We've had lots of people come look at it the last 2 wks or so and everyone has said they like the house, some say too small but we did have 2 that really liked the house enough to consider putting an offer in on the house, but nothing yet. We're still hoping soon, hopefully soon someone will love our house enough to put an offer on it!
So here are some pics from the begining of the summer or middle of the summer.
Yes, he's walking down the slide lol
Silly Tyee

She was not happy, but I love this dress!

Jake put Piper to sleep then Jake and Tyee fell asleep too

Luke loves looking for Piper and always making sure she knows he loves her

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