Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween! Halloween!! Trick or Treat!!

The boys had so much fun Trick or treating! We went to Aunt Teresa's house and had pizza then Jason and I took all the kids out trick or treating, by the time we were done they had 3 bags full!!! Then we went to Jason's parents house, they did alittle bit of trick or treating there. Then headed home. Guess who's been eating most of the candy though;) yup me! Although I found a ton of candy wrappers in the garbage and asked Jake how did we end up with so much candy wrappers?!? His response.... Well I heard you say no Tyee no more candy so I ran in the dining room and hid and ate the candy I had in my hand so you couldn't see me lol!! At least he was honest right? KIDS!!! So here are a few pictures from Halloween. Jake was Obi One, Tyee was a skeleton (he says it like kelkin) and Luke was Chewbacca.

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