Thursday, October 18, 2007


I can't believe Luke was 4 months on Tuesday! Man the time has flown! He is perfectly healthy, except for a heart murmer that suddenly showed up but not to worry, no EKG yet. He's HUGE!!! 17 lbs 6 oz, 26 inches. He's 1 lb bigger than Tyee and 2 bigger than Jake! Man I really make WHOLE milk lol. He's such a cute chunk. The Dr said he is doing things a 6-9 month old should. He's sitting up... not for too long but the other day he was for like a min.! Jake and Tyee didn't do that till 6 months. So he's growing like a weed! I've been thinking about giving him cereal but keep reading these articles to wait till 6 months. I gave the other kids cereal at 3-4 months. He no longer is sleeping through the night :( but since we cosleep its been working out great! and 2 nights in a row Jake and Tyee stayed in THEIR beds!! YAY lets hope that keeps up! So here's a pic of my little big guy sitting up.

And one of my booby baby ;) yes it says I love boobs lol


Melanie said...

Hehehehehehehe he's too cute!! You know Jaycob just hit 20lbs, right??? I'd have to agree you're a whole milk cow!! lol

Erin said...

He's addorable! There's nothing better than a chunky baby :)