Tuesday, October 23, 2007

He got it!!

So Jason got the job!! He is so happy he got it! He wont be working as long hours, no Saturdays and he gets a truck and a gas card YAY!! I'm so happy for him, it will be such a nice change for him.

We had parent teacher conferences today for Jake, They said nice things about him. They said he is very quiet (is that really surprising???lol) He is definitly a lefty, he surprised them one day when they were trying to teach the children everyones names and they thought he was going to fall asleep, well he chimmed in and named all the kids in his class. They said he is a delight and a very good student. They asked how he is with having 2 younger brothers and I told them he just LOVES it!! Especially having a baby and then a playmate.. they weren't surprised, they could tell he is a great brother.

Tyee lately is enjoying Luke more and more. He always showed love towards Luke but just seems the past week or 2 he's just really been enjoying him and I have been enjoying watching that brotherly love. It's just so cute! Tyee loves to have me hold Luke like he's walking and have him "walk" to him, he always wants to hold him and he now thinks he can CARRY him. He's grabbed Luke right outta my hands and started to walk away half way dragging him, Luke doesn't cry.. he laughs!! It's just been so fun to see Tyee loving his baby brother, and to see Luke laugh and smile at his big brothers, Times like that I cherish.

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