Monday, April 19, 2010

My Baby is 1

Piper's birthday was on Friday, the 16th. It was such a sad day. I realized, that's the last first birthday we will be celebrating till grandkids! Her first year has been so much fun! Knowing she is our last I treasured every milestone. At the tiny age of 1 she has no teeth, wouldn't take a bottle till she was 8-9 months (which I am very proud of btw), has never had a bottle of formula (refused that as well!) refused a paci, delayed solids till she was 6 months, has been my smallest baby and yet is 20lb 8oz at 1! She has decided to wait on walking yet started sitting up at 5 months. She loves daddy and crawls around the house babbling dadda, she will say momma but she loves her dadda. She giggles at her brothers when she is sitting in her carseat. She sits behind the passenger side, still rear facing and I'm not so sure I'm going to turn her around anytime soon as she is able to see all her brothers and each one can make faces, talk to her and she will babble back and giggle, it's so cute to listen to her giggle! She loves cars! I was so excited to be able to buy a doll when we found out we were expecting a girl after 3 boys, but all she does is stick her finger in the eye then throw the doll and goes right to the cars! It's cute though to see her push a car around the house. I decided to get her a pink one, but guess what! she still perfers good ole fashion hot wheels! I'm looking forward to watching my little girl walk around in a dress, twirling around, playing dolls but I'm also so sad she is past her "baby" stage. I will cherish the next few weeks that she is still a baby crawling around and crying for mommy and daddy to pick her up! (although soon enough she will be walking around and crying for mommy and daddy to pick her up lol)


T said...

Wow, I can't believe she's one! Please post lots of pics.

Heidi #1 said...

I agree, I want to see pictures too. 1st birthday parties are so much fun. BTW, I love her name! Have I mentioned that before?