Friday, June 5, 2009

Just a bunch of pictures!

Jake just looked like a big boy that day. I couldn't believe I was sending my 6 yr old off to school.... yeah I know it was May hehe
The kids with their Build A Bears. Piper is actually wearing her bunny's outfit haha
She didn't get a coming home outfit since she was already home but this one is my favorite!

Tyee LOVES snuggling up with her!

Jason lost his ring almost the next day!!

I just love this pic!

Luke has decided he is a big boy now and can get his won cups! Hope he takes alot longer to figure out how to pour it! ahhhhh!!

So far I think this is the most baby acne she has gotten and it might have actually been that she grabbed her face and pinched herself to make those marks.

One of our first family pictures! The actual first was right after giving birth and I hate the way I look!

He just ADORES her!! He is always saying me me me! to hold her.

Just some outfits that I had to make sure I got pics of since we most likely wont be using them again :(

Well that's all the pics for today. I wanted to get some up of the birth... not graphic ones just ones that I thought were cool or special but it's late so I'll try that another night!


Tessie said...

What wonderful pictures, and she is such a beauty! Your boys look like they are so good with her.

Melanie said...

Great pics!! Man the boys are all getting so old! And Piper is just too darn cute!

Monica said...

What a beautiful family you have! Piper is such a sweetie :)