Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pity Party

Wow I didn't realize how long it's been since I've written in my blog! So I guess lots has happened since then. Nothing super exciting but we did find out the gender!! We had the u/s on Dec. 1st, and asked the tech to take toilet shot and put "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" So the end of Dec we opened the envelope and here's the pic!

It's a baby GIRL!!!

There's no mistaking... It's a Girl!

So needless to say we were shocked! Excited of course! Jake yelled "I knew it!" Tyee just looked at us like.. yeah I knew that already! It's so cute to see how excited they are about getting a sister. Everything pink they see they think they need to get it for their new baby sister. I went out looking at girl clothes and found myself looking more towards the boys stuff lol. I've been very blessed in the clothes department because my sister Tina who just had a girl in May is handing down some girl clothes so YAY!!! And THANK YOU!! We went through all the boys clothes, we had about 3-4 bins from 0months-18months, and either gave it to friends who are having boys or dontated it. It was kinda sad looking through all the cute boy clothes realizing we'll never be using them again. But I guess it's time to fill them with girl clothes lol!! Of course getting rid of all the boys clothes I started to think, "what if the ultrasound tech made a mistake and it's a boy? We're gonna be in trouble!" Good thing I kept my most cherished boy outfits!
So other than that exciting news, Christmas was fun, we had started a Christmas fund last year so we wouldn't feel too strapped for money this year and it worked out GREAT! The boys got new bikes and the Wii, which they are super excited about! Now we have to try to keep Luke off the big boy bikes... he's not liking that lol. Of course with all the snow we've been getting we haven't really been able to take the boys out to ride their bikes, but in the spring they will sure enjoy it! BTW, I'm ready for it to stop snowing!! I love that the snow covers the ugly dirt and dead grass but it's been wayyyyyy to cold for me!!
So here's the pity party lol! We're still trying to sell our house, which we were well aware it would take us at least 15 months (that's the average in NJ at this time). I'm starting to get the nesting feeling and we really don't have a place for another child, it's already tight as it is. I would put her in Luke's room but there's no room. His room is the playroom because Jake and Tyee's room can only fit bunkbeds.... just barely (which is actually the same size as Luke's room). So we found our dream house!! It totally needs work and updating but it fits our budget and there's soooo much room to grow into this house! We wouldn't even have enough furniture to fill this house. I never thought we would even get close to a house like this, it was more than I would ever ask for, more than I ever dreamed of! It's a cap cod style, with 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 car garage, a cute (needs work) little tiny sunroom off the kitchen (which also needs a ton of work... like gutted work!). Finished basement with a half bath down there. and a 5th bedroom in the basement (they can't technically call it a bdrm because it's in the basement). It's a perfect house for us! They were asking so little because it's bank owned. Of course we can't put an offer in on anything till we sell our house... so we just found out it went under contract. Now being that it's bank owned it will take at least 6 months for it to close, so we still have a slim chance but I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm trying to have faith that if it's meant to be it will happen and we will sell our house when the timing is right. And Heavenly Father will help in guiding us where we need to go. But right now it's hard not having a nursery to decorate, or have a place for all the baby's new clothes or not even sure where we are going to put a crib or pack n play for the baby. It probably will go in our room, it's just alot of moving around of furniture, like we'll have to store the computer and desk till we get into a new house. Luckily, Tina to the rescue again!! she has a laptop she's not using so we'll still have internet! lol I feel selfish asking but if you feel inclined to keep us in your thoughts and prayers that we can be patient through this and that we will keep an open mind about what we need to do, we would greatly appreicate it!
I hope everyone's year has started out wonderful and healthy!!


Tessie said...

HOORAY! I am so excited for you. this is the beginning of a whole new chapter. Girls make you so much more aware of everything you do because honestly, they mimick it all. I am so excited. Do you have names picked out?

Tessie said...

did I say that I will add you to my prayers and hope that everything works out.

Erin said...

hoping everything works out for you guys. And that the nesting doesn't get the best of you while you're waiting to find a new house.


Erin said...
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