Friday, November 14, 2008

FLU SHOT?!?!?!?!?!

So they have made it "mandatory" to have children in daycare and pre-k get the flu shot in NJ. I am sooooo not happy about this. It's only Tyee that I would have to have get the shot but I do not know enough about the shot to say "sure poke my son with a needle full of stuff that could actually make him sick." My Dr doesn't even recommend the flu shot and didn't even have it available till just this month, ... and only made it available BECAUSE of the new law. I am doing some research to find out how I can get this waived. I just do not think it is neccesary to give Tyee or any of my children this shot. If they tell me Tyee can not go back to school because of it, then I for sure will be sending him to kindergarden next year and he will just have to do kindergarden for 2 years. (I was planning on having him stay in pre-k cuz he has such a late bday. cut off date is Oct. 1 and his bday is Sept. 27th) So any help on getting this shot waived would be greatly appriciated. He's all up to date for all his vax, I'm just mad about this new law mandating these children to flu shots!! They need to back up their reasons alot better than, "so we can reduce the risk of children getting sick." I do not go for that. And I will not be shooting my kids up with some stuff that they can't even say is completely totally safe. My children are not ginea pigs. What happened to parent's choice?!?! Taking away our freedom.

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