Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cough, cough, cough, cough.......

So Tyee has had this nonstop dry cough for ummmmmm over a month now!! He's waking in the middle of the night from the coughing waking him up. I thought maybe it's allergies, but I'm thinking nope since I have given him Benedryl and Zyrtec and it doesn't seem to be doing a thing!! I just hope it's not asthma. I'm taking Jake and Tyee to an allergist soon (since Jake was having issues in the middle of the summer and it's coming back again) I blame it all on Jason... Yup! Cuz I don't have allergies, but he's allergic to pollen, cats, dust, mold,... you name it. but apparently not dogs???? go figure!! I just feel so bad listening to this nonstop cough. And the teachers keep making comments. I did take him to his pedi. but I had such a difficult time understanding him, which I usually don't. He's from China and has a very deep accent, he's a great Dr, but I felt really jipped this last appointment. He didn't even check Tyee out, I guess he figured it was an appointment for Luke, but I specifially told the receptionist that I needed to ask questions about Tyee. So I hope this specialist will be able to give me some answers, cuz I'm feeling like a horrible mother each time I pick him up from school and the teachers comment on how he's coughing allllll the time.


Stravenlite said...

Dang Mel,
I'm sorry to hear that Tyee is so sick! I hope the little guy gets better soon!
Give him a hug for me!

Grandma Boschi said...

What a beautiful family you have!!!
Today Nancy will be in NJ. We will miss her, but I know you are all so excited to see her. Love you, Grandma

Erin said...

Try setting up a humidifire at night and see if it helps any, and you can also try putting Vix vapor rub on his feet. It helps relieve the coughing.