Friday, March 28, 2008

Ok, I've been reminded a few times!

I know I'm not very good at keeping up with this! I've been busy and just blah so I haven't updated in what almost 3 months!! Ok so what's been going on? Well as you all know Jason's dad passed away Jan. 10, 2008. The funeral went well, it was of course sad. It's been hard to see Jason's mom all alone but she's dealing pretty well. We celebrated Christmas the end of Jan with Jason's family and it really sucked not having Pop pop there. Just made me miss him and my dad more. Jason's dealing pretty good. I think having the Gospel in his life has made it easier for him to handle this. So we put our house up for sale on March 1st. Not one taker or looker! The market sucks but we thought we have nothing to lose. Other than that just been dealing with sick boys every other week or so. Seems this year we can not get healthy! Tyee has gotten the runs, puking, fevers, coughs, Jake same thing and poor baby Luke same thing. He had a double ear infection 5 weeks ago then got a stomache bug and was puking so of course stopped giving him the meds that he was just puking up and he has another ear infection now. Let's hope we can all stay healthy!!

So Jake is all registered for all day kindergarden next year!! I can not believe it!! I still feel like he is my little baby and here he is 5 yrs old!! He has a friend that lives down the street that is in his preschool class and she tells everyone he is her boyfriend (of course Tyee says she is HIS girlfriend.... there's gonna be some drama here lol!!!)

Tyee is regisitered for preschool next year. I'm in shock that I might have a few hours to be with Luke or alone if he's napping! I might just have to have another baby!!! lol

Luke is crawling and pulling himself up on everything!! I can't believe how this child has grown! He's so big! He's my earliest crawler, he started at 7 months and at 9 is walking by pushing those push toys!

Jason is doing well with work. His boss had to send someone from the office down to be trained and then come back with the info and train everyone in the office... his boss said Jason was the only responsible one to do it so he's going to Houston for a few days next week. Wish me luck being home alone! Then in another couple months he has to go back for training for the job he started back in Nov. That will be a 2 wk training... Thankfully they will let him come home over the weekend!

My mom is home from her mission. She came to MD for Steve's (her husband) daughters reception, so I drove down with the boys to visit, we had a good time.

We are so ready for spring... well at least I am! I really hate having such long winters and long cold months! I would move south in a heartbeat if Jason would!!! That'll never happen! Well I think I will post some pics. and a video or 2. Hopefully I will keep up with this and not fall so far behind again!!!


Erin said...

well, it's about time! lol

not that I can speak. My blog hasn't been kept up that great either.

Glag to hear y'all are feeling better. I hope you stay well!!

Tessie said...

YEa, I am so glad to see an update. Sounds like things are busy, but good.

Thanks for calling, I miss you.


Melanie said...

Wow! It's about time girl!!
Glad to hear things are going well enough! Sorry about your loss. Glad you had a good time with your Mom.
I'm glad you updated! I missed you!!